All sessions with Meggan Jacks Photography are custom tailored to your family's needs. Whether the session is held on location or in studio, it will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience as Meggan captures you and your family at your best. Meggan's casual approach shows through in the creation of beautiful portraits that will be treasured for years to come.


Clothing choice is an essential part of preparing for your session. Simple is best! We suggest basic items such as jeans or khakis and solid color shirts. If you are having a family portrait, please try to coordinate colors as much as possible. PLEASE BRING A SOLID BLACK SHIRT IF YOU ARE HAVING A STUDIO SESSION.

Once you schedule your session with MJP, you will be emailed a link to our client website that has additional details on how to prepare for your session.


Within two weeks of your portrait session, aproximately twenty-five to thirty images will be presented to you in an online ordering gallery. f you would prefer to have an in-person ordering session with Meggan, please let her know at your portrait session.


Please make your order selections carefully! Ordered images are kept on file for a minimum of 1 year. Unordered images are deleted 30 days after the publication of your ordering gallery. If you purchase the session album, all images presented in your gallery are archived for 1 year.


Portrait photography, to me, is about more than just the smiles. It's about capturing all the emotions we share at key points in our lives - the joy of a pregnancy, the wonderment of a newborn baby and the pride of our growing families. It's about making a toddler laugh and capturing the giggles, but also photographing that same child with their parent to capture the relationship that is growing and changing daily.

I always feel privileged to be asked to be a part of the special moments in my clients' lives and I take pleasure in knowing that my work is cherished and lovingly displayed for their family and friends to enjoy.

- Meggan

Meggan is an Iowa native, moving to the Valley in 1998 with her husband, Scott. Together they have two children, Kevin born in 2003 and Sarah, born in 2006.




Digital Negatives

We’ve wholeheartedly embraced the digital age and one of the unique offerings at babyJACKS Photography are our Digital Negative Collections. These collections offer you the ability to bypass the hard task of deciding which 5x7s and 8x10s to order from your session and instead focus on the individual images themselves to create a collection files from the images shown in your portrait gallery.

Digital collections are immensely valuable – you will have the ability to print these images in any gift print size (8x10 and under) that you want at any time you wish! Create an archive of the CD to keep in a safe place and you will have peace of mind knowing that your images safe and available for future access.

Digital negative collections start at $300.

Please inquire for a detailed price list.


As much as we love digital technology, we also know that many of our clients appreciate the full-service treatment that we’ve always offered!


All of our desk prints are professionally printed to ensure that the overall quality of your portrait is spectacular. You have the ability to choose between traditional crops of 8x10, 5x7 and 4x6, or choose a more contemporary square size of 8x8 or 5x5. All prints 5x7 and smaller are presented in a classic white mat.

Starting at $55


All of our classic wall prints are professionally printed, given a beautiful texture finish and sprayed with a protective lacquer for UV protection. In addition, the price includes our professional custom framing service – you will have the ability to choose the perfect frame to match your décor!

Starting at $215


By far our most popular portrait item!

Each collage is custom created with your favorite images. Depending on the collage size and orientation, choose anywhere from two to eleven images and even personalize the collage further with your child’s name or your favorite quote.

Collages are professionally printed and framed with the same care that is given to our classic wall portraits. They are also available (and look gorgeous!) as gallery wrapped canvases.

Starting at $300


A wonderful way to celebrate your family is with a wall portrait gallery of beautiful portraits! Whether you are looking to decorate a nursery, hallway or a living room, we will not only help you select which portraits to hang, but also help you create an arrangement that will have a stunning impact on the viewer.

All wall portrait galleries are done by individual quote, but the typical client plans to invest between $1000 and $3500 for their custom display. We have several sample arrangements that provide a great starting point in the design process, but final size and configuration is always done on an individual client basis. We also offer in-home consultations if you would like additional guidance as to which areas would be best suited for a wall portrait gallery.

Please contact the studio for additional details!



We are often asked when is the best time to capture specific moments and milestones of a pregnancy, a newborn infant or baby's first year. Here are our reccommendations:

PREGNANCY - We suggest 32-36 weeks as the ideal time to schedule a maternity session. Typically the belly is nice and round during this time but you are not starting to feel SO uncomfortable or swollen. If you are pregnant with multiples, the suggested timing may be 4-6 weeks earlier depending on how your pregnancy is progessing.

NEWBORN - The earlier the better! Newborns are best photographed in the first 5-14 days of life when they are still tiny and fresh and SLEEPY! The first two weeks absolutely fly by, so we recommend pre-scheduling your newborn session while you are still pregnant.

3-4 MONTHS - Babies at this age are starting to discover the world! They delight you with their smiles and LOVE to be cuddled close with you!

6-9 MONTHS - Sitting up (and maybe even starting to stand with assistance!) is one of the major milestones that is a MUST to commemorate. Babies at this age are bursting with personality and their expressions are priceless.

11-15 MONTHS - Watching your baby take his or her first steps is heartwrenching - for as you anxiously watch and encourage them, your start to realize that you are leaving the moments of babyhood behind and getting a glimpse of the toddler years to come.

Our Baby to Belly Session Package is perfect for capturing your pregnancy and fresh newborn! Follow up with our babyJACKS Sessions to celebrate (and commemorate) your little one's first year!


When I gave birth to my daughter, Sarah, in July 2006, I specifically told my doctor and nurses that I only wanted a 24-hour hospital stay. I think they thought I was leary of being in the hospital, but what they didn't realize is that I had my studio set up at home just waiting for my new baby girl to model for me. She wasn't the first baby Jacks, as her brother proceeded her by three years, but my skills as a photographer and perspective as a mother had changed in those three years and I recognized her arrival as the opportunity to capture something so simple and so true.

I am lucky to have the opportunity to photograph the simple and true things in my client's lives. I love hearing the excitement in the voices of expectant parents and capturing their joy and awe when they bring in their new baby for portraits. That joy is even more abundant as the baby changes from a tiny, sleepy bundle into an energetic, blubbly toddler. These are moments we treasure as parents and moments that deserve to be preserved.

- Meggan

Meggan Jacks is an Iowa native who moved to Arizona in 1998 with her husband, Scott. The "original" babyJACKS, Kevin, was born in 2003 and babyJACKS v2.0, Sarah, was born in 2006.

Meggan has been shooting portraits professionally since 2004.